Need a private area


I’d like to create a private/password protected area in my website.


But how do I get files to that area? My ftp home pages are elsewhere & I don’t see how to change to that newly created place.

BTW: My goal is to have a password protected library of .pdf files. I’d like to have a means to tag the files & search by tag, but for now, just having them on the web would be a huge help. Best common place example would be a searchable cookbook that was available to me only. If have an idea on how-to-do, please let me know

Thanks in advance


The easiest/simplest way is to set up a directory to use apache authentication, and you can do that in the way described in the previous link, or you can password protect a directory using the DreamHost Control Panel.

Once you have done this, you can just upload the .PDF files into this directory and they will be available on the web, but only to those that have the user/password.

Note that you will need a couple of “extra” steps if you are using a web application for your site (WordPress, etc.).

Another approach is to use the Joomla! “one-click” installer to create a Joomla! site, which can restrict access to various content depending upon the logged-in status of the visitor.

There are also Joomla! components that can provide content repositories with password protection.



How do I upload the pdf files to my directory?

My ftp home directory is elsewhere & I can’t seem to change the active directory to my /private dir.

(I love being a newbie!)



If you are hosted at DreamHost, your “ftp home directory” (where you end up when you connect to your server at is usually /home/yourusername.

Inside that directory should be a directory for, and your “private” directory should be visible in that directory. To "get into it, you first “change directory” in your ftp client to your directory.

Once you have done that you should see the “private” directory, and you can “change directory” into that directory just like you did to get into your directory.

In fact, when I browse to, I can see “private” as a directory (but it is not password protected, at present).

The exact manner in which you “change directories” differs depending upon which FTP client program you are using - for most “graphical” clients, you just click (or doubleclick) the destination directory’s name. :wink:



yeah, i just killed the password protect on /private. i’m playing around.

I’ve got my directory now & I have installed Joomia, so I now have plenty to play with.

Ii’ll ping again if (ha ha, WHEN) I get stuck