Need a little introduction into the panel

Hi everybody,

first of all… i have to apologize for my english. I am german and live in bavaria (thats where the famous Oktoberfest takes place ;-). So english is not my native language.

Anyway… i would need some help. I just singed up to DH and I checked out that panel. Its a little bit confusing to me, because all other hosters before only gave me my ftp-, mysql and email-date (enough to use WSFTP, Outlook …).

The only thing I want to do is developing a site with a friend of mine. So i created 2 users (one email adress each) and two mysql-users.

I think i will have to waite some time, before i can use everything, but i have so questions in advance:

  • Where do I have to upload my index.php? Or does that not work and i have to use a index.html?

  • Can I access phpMyAdmin without using the panel (only I have access to the panes. My friend doesnt.)

  • Does every user has his own folder. I would like that we both have access to the folder where the index-file is and all subfolders.

  • How can i make a subdomain (lets say: that goes to a certain subfolder?

I am sure the answers to my questions could be found pretty easy … for native speakers). But its really hard to search for something, when you dont know which searchwords to use…

… so I would be thankful for every help possible.


Your english is just fine. When creating ftp accounts, they can not see each other, so it hard to share data. I beleive it can be done, but beyond my knowledge.
What I recommend is that you both share his username and password for all data you want to share. Use your account for everything else.
When logging onto your account the first time, you will see a folder that matches your domain name, this folder is where all data that is to be visible on the web has to be located.
When you create a mysql database from the control panel, it will give you the web address of phpMyAdmin for that database.
Having a web browser that point to a subdomain jump to a folder is called a redirect and this can be done using a htaccess file. The file is just a text file that is hidden on your domain. It is hidden because the file name start with a period. Most ftp program can change the preference to unhide hidden files. This file is not created until you create one.
Hope this helps

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Do you know dreamhost wiki website? It is very helpful.

To get familiar with the control panel of DH, you can refer to this article in wiki

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Thanks! I just need that info to start learning :slight_smile:

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welcome. I’m glad o help.

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Thank you very much. That really helped and the test environment of my new project is already online. I think it will need some weeks to get familiar to the english system (and the new functions), but considering the fact, that i spent one year in Boston, I should not have a serios problem.

Thanks again.