Need A Custom Script for Non-Profit groups

I do free websites for animals rescues and am always looking for ways to help them raise money and to make my job easier. I currently work with about 40 groups, 20 or so which up date fairly regularly (keeping me busy almost beyond what I can handle), so I am always looking to streamline and find programs that allow the rescue groups to participate in the updating of their websites. Not finding alot out there that is affordable since I work for free I can’t afford to spend alot of money on programs for this purpose. Currently I am looking for programs to help them raise money, and have come up with a fundraising idea that could do just that, but the program I thought I could use appears to have bugs and the other I also liked also seems to have problems.

What I’m looking for is a blog or story type program that I can set-up as password protected so each individual poster can edit their posts, but nobody else other than admin can access it. It also has to have image uploading capabilities. The first program I customized to use seemed to be OK it wasn’t perfect but I thought it would work, but it keeps forgetting the password of users so they aren’t going to be able to edit their posts. It also doesn’t write things nicely when they post their Memorial (it is a memorial site where people can post a memorial to a person or passed pet that they pay a yearly fee to have online and share with whomever they like), it is here:

FeLV With Love Memorials

Another program I thought might work is here, I’m using it on this rescue site ([url=][/url]) as a memorial that they can post adoptables or personal pets to, but it can’t be set-up to be password protected in the post and management area, so it won’t work. It also uses imagemagick to size the photos to my specifications but it only works on the original post, if the post is edited it doesn’t work the edited photo is whatever size it really is, not the imagemagick specified size.

This however should give you an idea of what type of program I need. I am not a perl programmer, I can make customizations to existing scripts most of the time but as far as writing a perl script can’t do.

So what I need is for someone to write me a script that will allow people to post a memorial, be able to edit it anytime and to be able to post an image and change that anytime they want and for the image to always use imagemagick to keep it a certain size and no bigger. Since most people don’t know html, it has to write it in a nice paragraphed fashion, something like this:

7/3/1991 to 7/30/2004

We Love and miss you Buds, Buds

Love Mom, Dad and the Kitties



In other words it puts in the breaks between papagraphs.

I can pay a little something but as I said I don’t get paid and have a very limited amount I can spend on these programs, anybody out there that can help me or know of an existing program that may work??? I have scoured CGI Resources and ScriptSearch, and Hotscripts, and have found nothing :(((

Thanks you in advance for any help.

Belinda Sauro

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ever thought of using a forum program? something like phpbb might work really well for you. It’s easy to set up, you can control how users are created (automagically or by you) and you can control if a forum is public viewabe, postable or not. Ie - you can set it up so you have to be loged into even now that a specific forum is there. All admin controls are seperate, and it’s a really user friendly. You can find out more here:

Thanks for the suggestion, I had thought of that but one of the main and very important features I need is the ability to post photos with the post, and I don’t see that as a feature of very many boards. I have a decent board that I bought way back and like alot but it to doesn’t allow photos to be uploaded with the posts. Still looking though there’s got to be something out there that can work for what I need.

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