Nearing 24 hours

the last email I got was about 20 hours ago. I get, on average, about 200 pieces of email a day. This is almost crippling me and my business. I am still not getting mail. I can’t login to the webmail. Aside from repeatedly trying, and checking, I can’t do any of the work I needed to get done yesterday. I had to invoice people from my yahoo account. That’s unbearably unprofessional.

They can send me all the announcements they want, but it’s useless, because I can’t freaking GET THEM.

This is completely unacceptable.

I too have had many problems with unfixed bugs in DH mail, and am disappointed to hear from DH Support that “We can really only fix bugs that are 100% reproduceable”.

As to yours, have you checked whether your mailbox is over quota? This can cause incoming message to be lost (neither delivered nor bounced). If your mailbox is a user, enable shell, login at shell and enter “quota”. If it is a non-user mailbox, there’s no way to find whether its currenly over quota TMK, but you can find if it was at the time of the last daily Status update by looking at Status > Disc Usage.

They lost a filer yesterday, and so some of us are without usable access to websites or email. (they were readonly).

I can’t get to email either. Its past their last ETA as to a fix.

I can get in via ssh, where everything appears good… but not via web or outlook.

The OPs problem is non-receipt of mail, rather than barred access to the mailbox, no?


I can now get to it (just now), but I’m not receiving anything either [anything that’s sent to my account from offsite]… that has me a tad worried.

[edit… scratch that. I can now get email sent from a gmail acct].

I wonder if anything got sent yesterday that I didn’t receive…


[quote]I wonder if anything got sent yesterday that I didn’t receive…


Yes I suspect, going by the “restoration of” (for which read “loss of recent changes to”) data advised below.

[quote]This is an automated message to let you know that your data has been
restored for some or all of your users and your site(s) and mail should
be up shortly.

Again, we’re very sorry for the delay and the downtime it has caused.

The preceding was a Downtime announcement, sent 0000-00-00 00:00:00. [/quote]