NDN Keywords Nonfunctional


The NDN Keywords (keywords.newdream.net) haven’t worked in about a week. I’ve tracked down the problem as stemming from a change of the keywords.newdream.net address into a redirect to a secure page in panel.dreamhost.com. This redirect doesn’t preserve values sent in a POST from a web form, since most browsers handle redirected POST transmissions by simply doing a GET on the new address. (I think Lynx, which can be configured to redirect a POST, is the only browser that does this, even though the specs imply that it is in fact the correct behavior; even they, I think, eventually made this not the default due to widespread use of redirects from POSTs for the purpose of presenting a static “thank-you” page after a form submission.) Thus, the sample form code which webmasters were encouraged to use (and which I have as part of my standard page layout on all my pages) no longer works.

I’m still waiting on a developer to get back to me on this after my support inquiry was bumped up a level.

– Dan


Well, I got my own keyword search forms to work by replacing the keywords.newdream.net URLs with the one they’re redirected to… if I post there directly, the forms work. So now I have functional keyword forms on my sites again, but I don’t think anybody else does.

– Dan