NDN id

Hi, it’s me again…
I just finished to create my account. Now I received 200email from DH but one thing I noticed (cause I’m so picky) is that I have a login for the panel and a NDN id.
The login for the panel is made by an email address, while the NDN ID is something else created by DH.
Both are said to be the login way for the panel, but why two?Is there any difference?

I think I’ll post some other question soon, to raise my forum level (I just registered and I’m already at 20 (I did some before registering…))
I think I’ll put up some html with everything I learn…

I’m not sure about NDN id. It could be your WebID.

There are two ways to log into DH panel. One is to use your email address. The other is to use WebID.

Somehow you can have two login accounts with the same email address. That will be a problem if you want to log in using email address. But WebID is unique.

I think that is the only difference.

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To add to the info that Nathan has already provided;

The WEBID used to be the only way to log-in to the panel and you could choose your own WEBID during the sign-up process. Sometime last year DreamHost added the ability to log-in using the email address listed in your account profile, at around the same time they started to auto-generate the WEBIDs instead of allowing customers to choose their own.

Basically, WEBIDs are being deprecated (or phased out) for customer use, replaced by the email address and an account number (as used in affiliate links), but I believe WEBIDs are still used for internal DreamHost purposes.


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