Nazi violence allowed by DreamHost


Please take action to stop violence! is a nazi website hosted by DreamHost that posts photos and personal data of human rights activist to encourage violent attacks against them. This week in Warsaw, an activist named Maciek was critically injured and almost killed when two nazis stabbed, kicked, and pepper sprayed him after Maciek’s personal data appeared on – for more info on this incident, see

Demand that DreamHost cease hosting for immediately. Enabling nazi violence is far beyond any notion of free speech in DreamHost’s non-censorship policy.

Go to to contact DreamHost and tell them to get rid of


This is absolutely unrelated to “General Troubleshooting” and completely irrelevant here - See my reply in the Off Topic discussion forum, which is the only place, if at all, such drivel belongs.


First off, I agree with rlparker. If you want us to listen to you, don’t insult us. Just because you have a cause, doesn’t mean you can break any laws or violate a user agreement.

Tact, get some.

I in no way condone what’s written in the article you cited. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Polish so as far as I know that site is the exact opposite of what you say it is.