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I am a beginner that is building a website for my business. My problem is that when I click on the topics in my navigation bar, a new window pops up. How do I get the information to display on the same webpage, with the navigation bar, which is in a frame always displayed?

Here is an example of a topic:

Listing with Maya Homes

What’s the name of the target frame?

Or if you’re not sure, give us the URL this page is located (the entire frameset) and I’ll take a peek and I’ll be able to recommend changes to your code.


Web Developer

Hello wil, Thank you for responding to my request. I have not published my website as yet. I want to correct the problem before I publish, but I can e-mail you whatever information you require.

If the pages are opening in a new window, that’s generally because the name of the frame you want them to open in is not the name that’s in your target attribute. Right now you have TARGET=“CONTENT” - check to make sure that CONTENT (in all caps) really is the name of the frame you want them to open in. If not, you will need to change either the target, or the name of the frame.

Also, your filename is “listing with maya homes.htm” - as someone else mentioned, spaces in HTML filenames are not a good idea. It’s probably not related to the frame problem you’re having, but it may cause you other problems elsewhere. Replace the spaces with underscores or hyphens, or just take the spaces out and run the words together - like this: listingwithmayahomes.htm.



Also, you shouldn’t have things like “c:\directory\path\file” in HTML references… they’re file paths, not proper URLs. Backslashes aren’t supposed to be used in URLs, even for local file references; the URL syntax for local files is “file:///c|/directory/path/file”. (The way you did it won’t even work in all browsers; I don’t think it does in Mozilla.) It’s better to use relative paths so they work both on your hard disk and on the actual server, like (with no path preceding it) if the file is in the same directory as the one you’re linking from.

– Dan