Navigation bar howto?

You probably could write a PHP page, one that included the basic layout, that wouldn’t show in the menu the current page.


I normally use the juicy bits here to apply a class to the current link so it’s a marker of where you’re at currecntly. Usually also echo “thisPage” in the , sometimes the opening

of the page.


I dug this out of a backup of my site from a few years ago:

[code]$base_uri = ‘/’;
$menu_items = array(
array( ‘Page 1’, $base_uri.‘page1.html’ ),
array( ‘Page 2’, $base_uri.‘page2.html’ ),
array( ‘Page 3’, $base_uri.‘page3.html’ ),
array( ‘Page 4’, $base_uri.‘page4.html’ ),

foreach( $menu_items as $key => $item ){
if( $item[1] == $DOCUMENT_URI ){
echo $item[0];
} else {
echo ‘’.$item[0].’’;
if( $key < count($menu_items)-1 )
echo " | \n";
[/code]Stick that between some <?php tags, and change ‘page1.html’, etc. to the filenames for your actual pages…