I was tryng to use Navicat to manage MySQL databases on Dreamhost but the system will not let me log in.

I get error message #HY000Host ‘my IP number’ is not allowed to this MySQL server

Anyone know why?


That did it. Thank you so much

I have tried this and it works, however, I am trying to see and edit ALL of my databases, not just one. I have all of my DBs set up with the same username/pass and I also have all of those users modified to accept all hosts ‘%’. Whats strange is that SOME (3) of the databases can be viewed/edited using one host: at the same time. But ALL of the other DBs, even though set up the same have to be accessed at their individual hosts ONLY!! What gives?? Why just 3? These 3 happen to be the first 3 that I set up BTW. I have played around with this and cannot find the answer. Anybody have a solution?

We have quite a lot of separate mysql servers and your databases are spread across them. That sort of set up is a little more annoying for you in situations like this but it makes it much easier for us to manage the load on any given mysql server.

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Thanks for your reply!

Thats sort of what i thought was happenning. Although it said that they were all on Hobbes MySQL so… I thought maybe they were on the same machine. Hmm… well it sounds like there really isn’t a good way around this. So… let me pose another question because I do really want to give Dreamhost a try.

The question is: Since we are not using localhost and thus not using a direct connection to a MySQL server is it just as fast to connect to a remote MySQL (one that is not on Dreamhost grounds) than it is to connect to one of Dreamhost’s MySQL servers? If so, I may just end up using another non-Dreamhost MySQL server and just host the sites (web files) on Dreamhost. Can anyone shed knowledge on this??? Is connecting to these sub-hosts just a s slow as connecting to any old MySQL server on the internet??

If you connected outside of DreamHost’s network you have to keep in mind everything would be transmitted in cleartext (unencrypted) over the internet which probably isn’t too great of an idea.

right. ok but assuming that was ok and the transmissions were not that privacy sensitive, is the connection still just as fast?

Well it’s about 4ms to the local servers @ DreamHost but then they have load. If you had mysql rather close. Like on Level3 or Global Crossing it might be pretty fast.

The only way to be sure though is to try it.

One more thing, it’s also going to use up your bandwidth, shouldn’t be a problem unless the database is huge.

Our mysql database server machines (each of which have more than one mysql server running) are on the same local ethernet (100 mbit or gigabit) as our hosting servers so it is unlikely that it would be as fast to connect to a mysql server on the general Internet. It may be possible to maintain a very fast connection close to our network, but I think it’d probably be a whole lot cheaper for you to get a dedicated server with us if your application is extremely performance sensitive. Server performance may vary quite a bit on a shared system due to all of the other activity going on.

We do aim to ensure good performance on our database servers, though. I’ll poke some people and see if something can be done. Also, always remember to optimize your application as much as possible as it will make your site faster, as well as reduce the load on our database servers (if only a little bit). I just checked hobbes and it looks pretty good. The load (on a dual processor machine) is around 1.

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