Navicat and remote access to mysql

i’m using a software that requires this information in order to access mysql remotely.

ip address or hostname

i have already tried using that dreamhost creates w/the username and password which i created for the database. but i am not able to make this connection. anyone ever use this software? or lead me to the right direction.

it also provides the ability to connect through SSH. if this an option i have, can anyone help me with this? thanks.


Ok, I’m new to dreamhost so I’m just figuring out their methods myself. However, I do use Navicat (love it). I was having problems with the connection too. I just found a way around this (at least for the moment). From your Web Admin, you can modify the user for the database. It will give you a box to enter from what hosts you can connect to that database. You can enter a new line & put your ip address. Once you modify that, it’ll let you connect from Navicat.

One concern I have is that if you aren’t connecting from a static ip then this is going to change. I’ll have to keep looking to see if I can find a more permanent solution, but maybe this will let you get started.

thanks guys, i have figured it out.
i really appreciate the quick response here at dreamhost forum.