Natmaster's trac install and subversion mismatch

Hi everyone. I’m trying to get Trac running on my domain, but have hit a few snags.

I’m following natmaster’s tutorial:

With the changes listed here:

I also had to install apr and apr-util to get SVN to be happy.

I’ve gotten up to the point in natmaster’s tutorial where we’re dealing with plugins, but now it seems I’ve hosed my SVN install somehow.

I get:
$ svn co
svn: Mismatched RA version for ‘http’: found 1.4.3, expected 1.3.2

Some googling tells me that it means there’s some leftover bits of the old SVN lying around. Even when I use the absolute path of $HOME/packages/bin/svn, I still get that error.

Anybody know the best way to address this problem?

If anybody cares…

My local subversion install failed to compile some of its libraries because it was missing dependencies (namely, neon). But because it reported this as a warning instead of an error, I didn’t notice it. (Arguably, since those libraries are crucial for the app to actually do anything, perhaps it should have been an error.) When my local binary couldn’t find its libraries, it proceeded down the library path and found the server install, which was producing the version mismatch.

Fixed the dependencies, and all was well!

I’ve never heard of this dependency issue. Do you know which DreamHost server you are on?

I am on and am having the dependency problem.

I am still trying to resolve it. Thus far I’ve had to install autoconf, libtool and I am currently at the point of getting apr to install in the proper location in ~/packages.

The following gets svn working and certain parts of svnadmin working, such as creating a repository, but throws an error when just running ‘svnadmin help’. The error is “svnadmin: Mismatched FS module version for ‘bdb’: found 1.4.3, expected 1.4.2

I will update this post when I solve the issue, but if you have any idea of what the problem is, please reply :slight_smile:


All right. Here’s what you need to do if you run into the APR dependency problem when trying to install Subversion 1.4.3.

Install autoconf and libtool and neon.

Checkout apr and apr-util from their repositories into the subversion-1.4.3 directory as it recommends you to do.

From within the subversion-1.4.3 directory run:
svn co apr
svn co apr-util

cd apr
./buildconf --prefix=$HOME/packages
./configure --prefix=$HOME/packages
make install

cd …/apr-util
./buildconf --prefix=$HOME/packages
./configure --prefix=$HOME/packages --with-apr=$HOME/packages/apr --libdir=$HOME/packages/lib
make install

cd …

into subversion-1.4.3 directory and run the following to configure subversion

./configure PYTHON=/usr/bin/python --prefix=$HOME/packages --with-swig=$HOME/packages/bin/swig --without-berkeley-db --with-ssl --with-zlib --with-apr=$HOME/packages/apr --with-apr-util=$HOME/packages/apr --disable-neon-version-check

Now follow the rest of natmaster’s instructions at

Please let me know if these directions do not work as I did a few other things when trying to install apr and apr-util, such as changing hardcoded /usr/local/apr locations to /home/{username}/packages/apr because i was getting a /usr/local/apr build error.

You can use “grep -r ‘/usr/local/apr’ .” to find any instances of usr/local/apr that shouldn’t exist. But hopefully the above instructions will work.