My site is up under but my registered domain is

Wordpress tells me I must change my dreamhost NS1, NS2 & NS3 nameservers from to

Is this correct and how do I achieve this so that everything on hofcommysql from pages, posts to tags appears on my registered domain name which is the domain I have obviously paid for?

I tried the cloaking mechanism under your Manage Domain but that was a disaster. Sorry to be so ignorant

Patrick McLaughlin


If you want to continue hosting via and use the domain that you have registered at dreamhost, then yes you would want to change your nameservers to

The other option is to install wordpress on dreamhost servers, then you would not want to change your nameservers.


Dear LakeRat. Thanks a ton.

No, I want to use Dreamhost. Trouble has been learning.
On Dreamhost I see I have acquired two databases, one a small one termed hofcomsql called “my sql5 Database” and another about 8MB termed hofcom_info called "wordpress database (hofcominfo/hofcpmmysql)

Has it anything to do with the way I wrote xhtml in “my config” in WP? and should I delete all databases in Dreamhost and start again uploading with file zilla into a new directory?

Sorry to be a goop. Don’t want to change nameservers. Anyway, have paid them and like them.

Patrick McLaughlin (SeaRat)


Not sure what you have created database wise or how you created it. The simplest way (especially for someone learning) is to use dreamhost’s installer available via the panel (goodies -> one click installs) or

By the way they are named, it looks like you might have created that first database on your own, and used the one click installer and it automatically created the second? That’s just a guess.

It’s fine, but time consuming, to download the wordpress package, unzip it and install it yourself via filezilla. Another advatage of using the one click installer is that dreamhost will do updates automatically (I think that’s the default now, but it’s controlled on the one-clicks page in the panel) which also saves you the time consuming effort of doing updates to the install.