Nameservers / dns propogation

Hi, I’ve got a domain which is hosted elsewhere. I updated the nameservers for the domain 24 hours ago to:

However, for 24 hours, I’ve had no hits on my site (when I access the site now at, I see my site on my old host and a message that I left regarding the site migration.)

Although I might not be able to access the site due to my ISP and DNS propogation, I would have expected at least some other users to have visited by now as I have quite a few active users. Is there any way for me to check that everything is ok as I’ve got a feeling that something might not be right?

it all depends on your old registrar. it can take up to 72 hours for a domain to propagate.

are you sure you changed them?
still point to another IP. and this is real time data.

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hi, thanks for checking that. That seems weird because when I look at the DreamHost panel DNS settings, everything seems ok (I wonder where this info is coming from?):

Non-editable DreamHost DNS records for
ftp A
www A

when I visit my old host, the nameservers are as well shown as etc so something odd is going on. I’ve sent a mail to my old host asking for an explanation.