Nameservers changed... now what?

I have a domain registered at 123-reg, and I share hosting space with limited access to the control panel at Dreamhost.

Last week I was advised by the host owners to change the nameservers on 123-reg to the 3 dreamhost nameservers. With this done, I waited several days until it was complete.

My question is, what do I do now?
How do I ensure that when I FTP to the server my files work with my domain name?
Is there a certain file structure, or setting I should use where I have to input my domain name? I still can’t see how my domain name will be linked to the host.

I’m terribly new to web design, so if anyone could help I would greatly appreciate it

They key is that you need access to manage domains, and perhaps manage users in the panel.

When you add the domain as “fully hosted” on the “manage domains” page of the panel it will create in the users home directory on the server a directory with the same name as the domain name. That is where you will put files you want apache to find. assuming your domain is and the user you have configured is jondoe then

the full path to on disk would be /home/jondoe/

but remember when you log into ftp you are already going to land in /home/jondoe/ by default and there you should see as added by the system when you added the domain in the panel on manage domains.

the system will also add a quickstart.html file to - it’s the file thats served until you add your own index.php or whatever to that directory. You can delete quickstart.html as soon as you are ready.

Thank you very much for your reply

I’ve sent an email to my webhosts. They’re currently denying me access to “manage domains”, so I’ll have to ask for the right privileges.