"Nameserver set"? Please help!


I’ve got a .cz domain registered with a Czech company, and in order to have this site hosted at dreamhost they tell me I must change the ‘nameserver set’ (whereas dreamhost sent me primary, secondary, and tertiary dns - info i can’t input directly). The current ‘nameserver set’ looks like this: NSS:GLOBE-SGLO000001:1 - dreamhost didn’t give me anything looking like this. Help!!


Huh. I wasn’t aware of this before… but I did a bit of research, and now I’ve learned something. :slight_smile:

Our NSSET ID for .CZ appears to be — sensibly enough — “DREAMHOST”.


Well, I’ve entererd that - very much hope it works:)

Thank you so much for the fast response!


Hrmm, the information I’m seeing in WHOIS for your domain now isn’t quite right. The NSSET is showing up as “NSS:DREAMHOST”, not “DREAMHOST” like I saw on some other .cz domains, and the nameservers are set (incorrectly) as “1.dreamhost.com” and “2.dreamhost.com”.

Did you enter the NSSET with the “NSS:” prefix, or was that added automatically?