Nameserver change

I have a domain registered at DH. I want to chage the nameserver as I changed the hosting provider.
I changed the nameserver info from Domains->registration->modify. The message after changing says “Success”. However, when I check the above page again, it still shows the default DH name servers.
How can I confirm that the nameserver details are really changed for my domain ? My domain is And I want my nameserver details for this domain to be &

You’ll get a success email if it works. You can also check by doing a whois search on the domain at

It would be better if the current nameservers were displayed when you go to the “edit” page; I believe that there’s no way for us to work around this until all domains are moved over from OpenSRS to being directly registered through us, but I could be wrong. Maybe Josh can comment.

Thanks for your reply.
However, I did not get any Success or error emails.
So, What should I do now?

Did you try checking the whois output?