Namesavers etc/goDaddy to DreamHost

OK, first, I am COMPLETELY new to anything at all to do with trying to self host a blog, and wanted to find a way to install, as I can’t seem to be able to understand how the heck to do it on a mac without having to go through all sorts of stuff that is unintelligible to someone like myself.
So, I hear that DreamHost can install it for you, and I wanted a self hosting blog anyway. I had already registered my domain name at GoDaddy.
I go to DreamHost, and download the free trial thingy, and I chose the advanced install thingy.
Then I find out that I can’t transfer my domain name there, unless I have had it for 60 days, and of course I only got it a few days ago.
I talk to the live chat person, and he tells me that you can still host it here, all I have to do is go to GoDaddy and change the name servers to, and

Prior to doing that, I go to the 1 click install for wordpress on dreamhost, and do that whole thing.
Says it is all successfull, and then I get an email with all these links to go into admin/php stuff and more for wordpress, but every link brings me to GoDaddy where it says

so then I go to the domain management part of Godaddy and change the nameservers to what the live help guy said to do.

However all the links on the email I got initially for the wordpress thing still bring me there to GoDaddy.

Have I missed a vital link here, do I have to wait for a certain amount of time before the nameserver change is recognized, or do I have to go back into dreamhost and uninstall wordpress, and then go through the 1 click thing again, now that I have changed the name servers.

Also, I did not even have a blog at yet, I thought I could do all that after having it installled at dreamhost.

OK, really, whoever answers this, I really need very simple and straightforward instructions here, no computer gobldy gook, I’m not a geek YET. Please be kind.

Thanks so much

Yes — it can take some time (usually at least a few hours, up to a day) for nameserver changes to take effect. Check back in the morning and it should have updated by then.

Thanks so much, I’m going to check that now.