- 'must be super difficult to inform us in RegistrationProcess huh?

[size=2]So, I never check the junk mail of a certain email-address I use for certain things.[color=#0000CD]. because…you know…whitelisting exists. [/color]
…but DH has this that sends out ICANN verification required emails that go, guess where ? Yep, the junk box…
■ So why is this bad ?
Because DH doesn’t tell any of us, anywhere about this domain OR that we should watch for ICANN required verification emails that will be sent from or
AKA: this means we flag all funny emails and unknown domains and unknown addresses as spam. …Because: #CommunicationExists[/size]

I wish there was a way for them to inform us all about this domain and to tell us to watch for an email from that domain,[color=#0000CD] you know, as so we can whitelist it/the-domain. [/color].

[color=#550023]… hmmm…
…'if only there was a way to inform us…
[size=22][color=#550023]like during the registration process or something… cough[/color][/size]

[size=8]Ya. frustrated is a word that describes part of the feelings I have right now. I see the third attempt email from a week ago… I suppose there will be bump in accessibility coming ALL DUE TO DH’s inability to inform the customers…[/size]

This is not new. You may have missed this from 2013:

I’m sorry you’re upset for missing important emails: it’s unfortunate and I apologize for any confusion that was caused by DreamHost. I brought up this conversation to the domains product managers and they’re going to work on your suggestion below. Let’s try to be constructive and improve the process.

For future readers, let’s be clear: there is no email from! The only emails you should have received and read are from and is a URL linked from the email sent from

It’s unfortunate that you rely only on whitelisting or any spam filter to be 100% reliable: it’s unsafe practice… I suggest you to review your policy for the future.

There is no such email, not from If you have received one, please share it with the full headers.

Ok, let’s focus on this part: DreamHost does communicate to customers that they should expect an email from (there is no email from I’ve already highlighted to you the documentation that mentions how the domain verification works: .

I had colleagues dig into your account: this is an excerpt of the content of the email you have received from DreamHost on July 14th, concerning you buying a new domain name. The message from DreamHost says at one point:

[code]Next Steps

Verify Your Contact Info
If you haven’t verified your contact info before, you will receive an e-mail from asking you to verify your name and e-mail address.[/code]

And here is the first email that you missed, this one comes from The other email you missed comes from and this email contains a link to Apparently you missed this one too.

From what I understand, such emails from DreamHost were caught by your aggressive spam filters.

This is a good suggestion: show a more prominent notification of the domain registration process on the web pages, when the sales is completed.

I want to apologize again for the miscommunication: DreamHost can always improve its processes. I hope this incident also serves as a chance for you to review your policies for checking email spam folders.

[quote] …'if only there was a way to inform us… like during the registration process or something

This is a good suggestion: show a more prominent notification of the domain registration process on the web pages, when the sales is completed.

There’s a thread around here somewhere where I suggested a “positive acknowledgment” type notification during the domain registration process. Either a dialog box that has to be dismissed, or a box that has to be checked to continue that reads something like “you will receive an email from with instructions to complete this registration failure to complete those instructions will cancel the domain in x days.”

Sending instructions for next steps via email creates a failure point in the process. Positive acknowledgement during the interactive registration workflow would eliminate the failure point.

(the one click installer could also use a positive acknowledgement point that next steps arrive via email. The one click installer email should also contain “If the links in this email aren’t working yet it’s likely a wait on DNS propagation. Here’s a link to an article you can read with how to check, or try again later”.)

Just dropping in to say that I did, in fact, receive this e-mail from This is the top line of the header:

This is the “from” line (and therefore the “from” address my e-mail program shows:

Perhaps someone more technically adept than me could sift the headers and prove that it actually came from DreamHost, but for all intents and purposes the mail came from, not I get the feeling that, regarding the actual procedure, Dreamhost is at the mercy of unhelpful forces it cannot defy, but perhaps at least the messaging could be aligned…