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I’m trying to get a good explanation as to why I need to change my name servers to DreamHost. We are a new customer and are ready to launch, but one of the requirments I’m being given is to change the name servers to DreamHost. I really don’t want to do that, but simply changing the www “A” record to the new IP address doesn’t seem to work. Can someone tell me why I need to change from Network Solutions as my name servers to DreamHost?

Changing the A records will work, provided you have the correct IP address of your website. Go to the panel for Domains -> Manage Domains and click DNS for your site. That will give you the A record. And then give the new info time to propagate.

Be aware that from time to time, your IP address may change. This may happen if they move you to another server, or reconfigure the one you’re on.


Thanks Scott - can I pay extra for a fixed IP address? How often can I expect the address to change? Would I be notified of an IP address change in advance?


Dedicated IP address does cost a monthly fee ($3.95). While there’s no guarantee that their Unique IP Address will never change, I’m sure they’d let you know if they had to change it for some reason.

It’s possible that some CNAME trickery can remedy your situation, but I’ve not tried such a thing. Perhaps a CNAME pointing to a Mirror of your Subdomain.


It’s up to you to check your IP from time to time if you go the private IP route.

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