Name Servers

I have a couple of domain names registered through godaddy (long before I signed up to DreamHost - which I just did) but I’m unable to get them to point to DreamHost. I’m using the name servers that were e-mailed to me but they don’t seem to work.

ie. (it also includes an ip)

I tried the above name server (without the ip) but it doesn’t point it. I’ve allowed 48+ hours for it to resolve but alas… nothing.

What would I put in for the name server on godaddy to get it to point? I’m trying to get it to point to

Thanks for any help.

The redirect address is actually (with a trailing slash); if you leave out the trailing slash there is an unnecessary extra server redirect, so you’re better off including it.

If what you’re trying to do is set up some other domain to redirect to this address, you need to set up the redirection address in the Dreamhost control panel, in addition to setting the Dreamhost servers in the registrar’s record.

If you have a hosting account with Dreamhost that allows multiple fully hosted domains, you might be better off setting up the new domain to be fully hosted rather than redirecting to a page in a different domain; that way, the user would see the new domain in the URL bar.

– Dan