Name Servers subdomain quick question

Recently I have changed registrars for my domain. My previous registrar allowed for subdomain Name Server entries. Specifically, the entries appeared as follows: NS NS NS

My new registrar, however, does not allow Name Server entries for subdomains and only allows for the root domain,

After reading the forums, the only suggestion I can seem to find is to run the host command on the Dreamhost website, collect the IP and set up an A record. As the IP of the server is subject to change, it is recommended to keep an eye on it. This does not seem like an acceptable solution. My question is: Is a CNAME record the appropriate solution? And if so, what should the record point to?

Can a moderator tell me if this question is on the correct board? It has been almost 2 weeks now without any response.

A separate name server for subdomains is a rarely used feature. If anything, add a third Name Server for your domain that points to where that subdomain is hosted. Here’s a recent thread on it:

Also, don’t use the ‘host’ command to find your IP address. If you’ve set up a subdomain here, you can check your IP addresses in the panel here under Manage Domains. Click the DNS entry to see what IP addresses have been assigned. And, yes, on rare occasions, that IP address may change.

Thank you for the response. I read through the post but what I am trying to accomplish, I believe, is the other way around. I am trying to point a subdomain on a non-Dreamhost registrar to the Dreamhost Name Servers. However, my registrar does not allow for Name Server subdomains. If I understand correctly, my only option appears to be setting up an A record and when the website goes down, we will have to change the record. Is this correct, or is there another alternative? Thanks again.

You could try adding a DreamHost name server to your registrar. So you’d use,, and

If you only set up here and someone wants to visit the site, their computer would look for at, not find it, so it’d check, not find it, so it’d check and find it. I’ve not done this, but it’s worth a try.

If that fails, you’d have to add the A record at your other host. IP addresses here rarely change, so you’d be in pretty good shape and remember that if the site disappears, it could have gotten a new IP address.