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My friend and I own a domain name together, and since we have moved to a new host, I asked him to update the name server on the account. It’s been almost 24 hours since he told me he updated the name server, but when I checked the domain with, it’s not updated yet.

Since my friend is out of town or something and not reachable, I can’t ask him to double check if he really applied the change correctly until he gets back.

How long does it usually take the name server to be updated? There were couple of sites that moved the host with our site, and I see their name servers have been already updated. Is it just DreamHost that’s been slow, or did we get something wrong?

Thanks in advance…

One thing isn’t completely clear to me. Did you register the domain with another company and transfer to Dreamhost, or did you register the domain with Dreamhost originally, then transfer it to a different host?

The NS info for your domain needs to be updated with the registrar and not the host. If you properly made the NS change for a domain registered with DH and registered elsewhere the nameserver details happen right away. This is assuming that you have authority to change the domain details, and remembered to disable the registrar-lock when updating.

The info isn’t updated in real time or anything either. The info for my site on is dated as June 7, and shows June 10. Keep in mind I haven’t made recent changes, but those sites also usually have options to schedule a refresh for the domain data.

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We only have the domain name registered with DreamHost. We initially hosted the site with DH, too, but since we used much more CPU (or ram) than DH’s shared host allows, we were semi-forced to move out of DH. That’s why the current situation is:
domain name = my friend takes care in DH
host = I take care on somewhere else other than DH.

whois records may be chaced for some time. So it could be that the cnage has been put through, but that the whois record still isn’t showing it. Propigation can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days. So while things normally happen before the 24 hour peopid is up, some ISP are slow to get the changes.

If you’d like to post your domain name some of us here can check it out and see what’s happening from our locations.

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