Name server isnt working



I added name server on and it isnt taking dreamhost. what can I do?


What do you mean by “it isn’t taking DreamHost”? Are you getting an error message of any sort?


Typically takes 72 hours for that info to propagate to all the ISPs.


Just reset your DNS server and Add name server’s once again. if it was not working after 15 min please contact with your hosting provider
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Make sure you enter the namservers correctly and do not add any space in the field, it usually takes 24 hours and if you use cloudflare then you can do it in a few minutes. regarding - ogwa


You should be waiting for atleast 24 hours to check whether you are getting the new ip for your website or not.

Open Command prompt and run the following command


observe the ip address it is comming

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Agreed…It takes approximately 72 to 96 hours to propagate to all ISP.