Name on credit card

hi, sorry for having so much questions… (around 6 questions these few days XD)
i think this is my last question before my registration out here…
i filled all the info required to sign up for a hosting plan
but when i came to the part where it says Secure Payment, and was asking for name on credit card…
the only card i’m given to use is my cousin’s credit card
but his card was issued in Taiwan/Hong Kong
so the on card name was in chinese…
so if i pay using that, can i fill the his ENGLISH name (ENGLISH name as shown in passport) ?

and also…DreamHost will sent me a billing info when i pay for the hosting if the address filled is a foreign address ?

thank you again to those who answered to my previous questions

I think you need to write DH support for information on the correct way to handle that.