.na Domain Name - How? and Where?


I would really like to register a .na Domain but I’m having problems finding any information about it. (.na is from Namibia)

Wikipedia says that it will cost $40,000 / year to register a .na name (I’m in the states) but I’m finding that difficult to believe.

any ideas?


Check here… http://www.info.na/domain/ [hr]
Actually here" http://www.info.na/domain/indexforeign.php

hmmm yeah I saw that site - do you think its legit? it looks pretty sketchy to me : S

i think that is the official .na registars site and it does look like they charge foreigner more but note the currency is expressed in Nambian dollars. I don’t know if their exchange rates are up to date.

Thanks for your help-

I checked the currency rates - I wonder why .na is sooo expensive!

Guess I’ll have to save up for a while haha

did you see this when you were googling around: http://www.nowpublic.com/tech-biz/top-level-domain-tld-na-launch-global-registration

i thought it was interesting that it was a fresh item only hours old.