N00b Unix Question - Pear and Paypal

I’m trying to load the API for Paypal Pro. The install said to first load a custom version of Pear in the root folder (ie, unbrowsable). Did that via SSH, no problem. Then it says to go where I installed the Paypal PHP SDK (still via SSH) and run pear install.xml. That seemed to install ok, though it looks like I"m missing 2 packages.

So I try to run the web console, and it’s telling me it can’t find “Services/Paypal.php” (which is in the root folder). Now, support told me to do set_include_path in the file that needed to use Pear to force it in the path. I’m not sure if this isn’t working because I’m not doing that right, or if I screwed something up, or what.

Support also said I could just move the paypal.php file(s) from “Services” and put it in the same folder as functions.inc.php. 1) They weren’t very specific as to which files these were, and there are several in various places 2) That doesn’t seem to be very secure.

Any insight on this would be welcome. I don’t know much about SSH and just a little more about the Paypal Pro API. And no, using IPN isn’t an option.


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