N00b - starting and a godaddy domain


I’m sorry this is such a basic question but I’m a little unsteady.

I have a few domains registered with godaddy and I want to set up the pages with my hosting with dreamhost.

Q1) Correct me if I’m wrong but ‘transferring’ is actually bringing the domain registration over and as I have quite a bit of time left that seems like a waste of $$.

I’ve gone into the godaddy domain manager and changed the nameservers to

Q2) At this point I go back to my dreamhost panel and into manage domains but do I just ‘ADD NEW DOMAIN’ and enter the url? I read somewhere that it would just appear in my domain list after a few hours (it’s been three atm).


Q1 you have it correct.

Q2 yes add the domains on the manage domains page, they will not appear automatically. They may not work immediately, but because you have already changed the nameservers they should soon.


Thank you


I should have added that transferring a domain will add a year to the expiration, so you don’t actually lose anything.

On the other hand many users purposely keep the registrations somewhere else.