MyTopix 1.3.0 won't install

I’m trying to set up MyTopix 1.3.0, but I keep getting the following error:

Anyone know what’s up?

In the source code they have this:

if(false == function_exists('mysqli_connect')) { die("<strong>ERROR:</strong> You do not have the proper PHP extension installed " . "to run a MySQL 4.1.x installation. Please discuss this with your host."); }

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Apparently MyTopix requires PHP 5 with the “MySQL Improved Extension”

To determine if your domain supports it,

Upload a file containing

<?php phpinfo(); ?>and browse to it.

In order to run MyTopix, it will need to say PHP Version 5.2.1 and the “Configure Command” parameters will need to include –with-mysqli

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Select the other mysql driver from the drop down, it works fine. - see?