Mysterious FTP Freeze

I’ve started using Cobian Backup to copy some of my documents to my Dreamhost site. Everything seems to work fine…I’m using passive transfers, opened my firewall, etc…I have the backups broken into 650 Mb .zip files. Invariably, the program freezes while uploading the second or third .zip, around 1 or 2 Gb each time. Is there some kind of upload limit or timeout I don’t know about? It’s a tiny percentage of my alloted bandwidth. Is there something else about FTP I don’t understand? Any ideas?

Joel J. Rane

I know only apache limit is 2GB. Try to keep file size lower than 2GB.

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Old Cobian versions (6 and earlier) look to have a 2 Gig limit. However, I’ve read several issues with using FTP for large files, which is one reason I advise the use of SFTP, which Cobian doesn’t seem to support.

Are you running Cobian 8?


I am running Cobian 8. The response from their moderator (which I think was Cobian himself) -

[quote]If your firewall is not FTP aware, this happens if the data >channel will time out during the transfer… There is no much >you can do here, that I’m aware off.


Hmm? I’m not sure what he means by “FTP aware”, I do have my firewall configured to recognize both Cobian and the FTP port 21.

I have the program configured to use “shell methods only”…although this change has made no difference. I’m not sure if this is related to SFTP.

The files are broken into 650 Mb pieces, so any restriction, unless it is a total upload restriction, should not be in play here.


Joel J. Rane