Mysqyl asks for password on exit?

G’day guys,

I’ve been accessing mysql for a PHP thing I’ve set up, and it asks for a username and password when I enter, which is fine, but it also asks for one when I exit, and my username and password doesn’t work! Anyone know what that’s about? It’s not a huge problem, but I do worry that I haven’t logged off properly, and it’s also a bit annoying.


Watto :slight_smile:

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When you log off phpMyAdmin, you’re clearing the authentication information you entered to get into it; your browser tries to visit the page again, but now needs you to re-authenticate. You can’t log in again from that re-authentication screen (don’t ask me why), but you can always return later and log in normally.
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Ah, so it’s a known bug then. No probs, mate - thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I like Vegemite.