MySQLi and PHP5

Hi there,
I’ve recently joined Dreamhost and I’m in the process of porting my old content into a new PHP/MySQL schema and code base. On my local machine I’m using PHP5, Apache 2 and MySQL 5, but I’m having trouble with getting my scripts to work on the live server: PHP keeps spitting out the following message:

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: mysqli in /home/.genie/mattwilcox/ on line 24

Does Dreamhost’s PHP5 install not come pre-configured with the MySQLi module??? Or am I overlooking something fundamental?

Don’t worry, I realised PHP4 is the default. I’ve enabled PHP5 and now it’s working. Sorry about that.

You can check for the MySQLi module extension by calling the phpinfo() function. If it is installed, you will find it under #module_mysqli.

Simon Jessey
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