Mysqldump accessing wrong host

using the command

mysqldump --opt --user=username --password=keycode databaseName > output.sql

for some reason I keep getting a 1045 error because the dump command tries to access “” website instead of the host I want it to connect to.

However if I remove any letter from the hostname I specified, such as making it it then tries to connect to the one that is specified in the host parameter.

basically accesses accesses accesses accesses

What’s telling you it’s that other domain? It’s quite possible that the other domain’s db is on the same SQL server as yours, and that just happens to be the first hostname returned based on that IP address. Speaking of which, you could try the IP address for your DB server (you can find the address in your DNS in Manage Domains).

I only run the dump from my DH web server. If you’re running that command from a home machine, a 1045 might mean that you can’t connect from home.

been using the putty program but yeh thanks will look into that

i know that it’s the other domain because i get an error message “request denied with user ‘username’@‘’” which is the standard mysql error message if you have a wrong username/password or dont have permissions to access that database.

will try the thing with the ip address and directly from the web server

nvm I found out why it’s "footageoftheworld"
I am sure it’s now an issue of adding the ip address permission so that mysql allows me to connect to it, but adding my current ip didn’t solve the issue yet.