Mysql4 db


I wanted to ask is it possible for me to create a DB in MYSQL4 instead of 5 ?

I ask cos one of the scripts I just got requires a MYSQL4 DB and when I try and run it on 5 i get all sorts of errors


I would think this is possible. Dreamhost is in the process of switching over between mysql 4 and 5, so I would believe that there’s still several machines running 4. put a ticket into support, and hopefully they’ll be able to set it up for you.


I actually don’t think it’s possible. All new DBs use MySQL5 and soon all current DBs will be using MySQL5, too. ie: they’re phasing out MySQL4.

Is there anyway to harp on the creator of the SQL script to get his code compliant with MySQL5? Seeing as everything’s moving forward, I’d put the responsiability on the script creator to make his code compliant.