My website has problem with connecting database. Moreover, the website has run slowly…do u mind checking the hosting for me please?

Hi, your servers are:

you should change the servers in your godaddy’s account to the following:

I spent 10 minutes yesterday looking at his site and writing a few ideas for him before I realized that site is actually hosted in vietnam, not at dreamhost.

You can’t help some people.

My domain was registered in vn, but i am using the host of dreamhost…please check it carefully before posting

so you have to define the dreamhost’s host servers for you domain account.

I did config DNS in dreamhost and ran the website with server of dreamhost.however at the moment the web is quite slowly and sometimes it can not connect to mysql…do u mind explain more for me about it?

Your site is being served from dreamhost now. I suspect we must have been getting cached DNS entries a few days ago. (There were two of us above that thought your site was elsewhere.) At the time I even did a traceroute because I was having trouble looking up .vn IP’s until I realized.

I watched your site load several times with the Firebug “net” tool activated. You should do the same, you can learn much.

I noticed quite a few images are downloading at one size and scaling down in the browser. Most of those images were not substantially larger than they needed to be in the first place, so the savings from economizing there won’t be huge.

I did wonder if your webserver and mysql server are in the same datacenter at dreamhost, you can find that out by inspecting this page in the panel. Dreamhost should automatically assign both the same place, but somehow they don’t always catch this problem on there own.

My website, which has storage in server of dreamhost, still running quite slowly.The server and the service is not good at all.

Your site runs very fast… In the US.

I suspect the issue is the swim across the ocean :frowning: You may want to try using CloudFlare to see if that helps.

i did optimize the site again and i think the cable over the ocean has no problems. in my country, the site is running slowly and it gonna be worse

That was my point. It’s fast here, it’s slow there which is probably due to the distance.

my friend in vietnam also has another storage of dream host, and it still works well. in my opinion the problem is from the server of dreamhost, not from distance

What’s that domain? I can possibly compare the servers to see if there’s a major difference, but remember that each and every website is unique.