I read the 5minute thing and I went to try to set up a Mysql db using the web panel. They said I had to add a new domain so I added my new $10 a year domain in “Park” mode. “Park” mode means, I guess, that it will have an “under construction” message. OK, I have a few questions now

  1. Is this domain now search-able(Google)? I don’t want that.
  2. will I be able to edit and view my pages while my page is “Parked”?

Thanks in advance.

Have you paid for annual hosting? That’s $9.95 or so per month (less for longer contracts) and will get you some server space for database and websites.

  1. A parked page might show up on Google, but way down the search results since there’s no content. You can set up your own Fully Hosted site and add a robots.txt to discourage search bots from indexing your site:

  2. If your page is parked (via DreamHost Panel), you can’t work on your site because it’s not set up for hosting. Make your own parked page on a Fully Hosted domain if you want to work on your site or create something like a subdomain you can work on while is Parked.

sdayman: Thank you.

I’ll grab the bot stopper.

Do you know if in wordpress (or on this host site) I can restrict browsing the page to a list of IPs?