I just made a big mistake and I need some help.
I was preparing to point the name servers for my domain to another host because I had a new CMS site set up for my organization at another server. Before I made the change I downloaded all of the files from the dreamhost server, but I forgot to get the mysql database for the CMS that ran the site. Since the domain is still registered at dreamhost, I can manage the database but I cannot get to the data. I am not a database expert so my use of the terminology is not good. The site originally ran using Textpattern as the CMS. I did download the Textpattern folder from the original site. Does anyone know how I can get the data from the database? I can’t access it now because the name servers have changed.


Yep! You can get at the data, and dump/export it using phpMyAdmin on DreamHost as described here: