I wanna create a MySQL database, but alwayas i try, they put me “All lowercase please!” but i try everything, i try to fixe i put, but always the put that, can any1 help me?

I’m having trouble parsing what you said.

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You need to change the ‘username’ and database name (I believe) to all lower case. The password can by anything, which is what I also found out.

Please try typing in normal English next time too - as it is quite difficult to figure out what you were trying to say.

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It would be really helpful if you told us the steps you were using (maybe a pointer to the document you’re reading) and an idea of where it all goes wrong.

Most of us have set up db’s with no excitement/drama at all using the control panel. (Some of us multiple times because despite our luck in creating databases, we did it wrong).

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