I created a new hostname and database yesterday. Why does it take so long for a hostname to resolve? I am getting an error after inputting my username and password stating they are incorrect (they’re not). Why would I be asked to input my username and password if the hostname had not yet been created? I understand a hostname needs to propagate (if that is the issue) but this is the longest it has ever taken.


Does anyone know why I can’t create a new database on an existing hostname? When logged into phpMyAdmin on a different hostname (since the other one hasn’t been created yet) it says “No Privileges” under create new database.


That’s what I thought until creating this last DB. I see an option to add another under the new hostname. Unfortunately, it isn’t resolving even a day later so I wouldn’t be able to add additional DBs under that one anyway. That’s why I tried an existing hostname created long ago. Unfortunately, that didn’t work either.

[quote]In the DH blog, Josh recently said they’re working on it.
I guess it’s in the works but I don’t understand why DH would add the option when it isn’t ready.


I’m trying to be patient but this is getting to me. How long is this going to take - days? Days for a database?


It should’ve been up and running in minutes - a couple of hours at the most. There have been a few DNS-related problems over the last week or so, and it is possible this is connected. I recommend going back into the Control Panel and trying again before contacting support.

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It showed up on the control panel immediately. I just can’t access it. I’ll contact support.


How are you accessing it? You should be able to browse to it directly, and then enter the relevant username and password.

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Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]


Yes well, that would be correct if I wasn’t brain-cell challenged right now. Just heard from support - operator error. I could swear I input the password a certain way but of course - I didn’t. Thanks for the answers and sorry for the posts. I think I’ll just go back to bed and start over again.


If the database is running you can verify that the domain name is active by logging in via ssh and pinging the name at which point, if it is active, you can use it for setting up your scripts. You can work around the time frame that you need to wait for the dns to propogate by accessing it directly (hint–the domain is a redirect). The address is


Change “yourdomain” to your real domain name and change “mysql_domain” to the one you created to host your mysql database.


They really need to put a notice on the Goodies:Mysql database creation page if on db per hostname is the case… I just wasted a few hours trying to figure this out between one click installs, and trying to install web apps…