Hi, i have some questions here
1.Is it possible to access mysql which is hosted at DH account from other website (external) ?
2.I am trying to import large database from phpmyadmin but itkeeps timeout. Is there another way to import it?

thanks in advance

  1. Add the web site to the user that you wish to let access the database. Might be better to add IP if you know it, unless it’s on a shared account where it might be better to use domain.

  2. Use SSH/Telnet to use command line interface.
    Something like
    mysql -h -u user_name -p -D database_to_use < backup.sql

If you have a shell only access account, you will need to use Unix’s ftp command to upload the file the file to the server (there is a way to do it from your home computer but I don’t know this.)