Is anyone else having trouble with MySQL? I have two domains, and the one using MySQL does not respond.

It’s up now, maybe they were just rebooting or something.

I have 2 MySQL Dbs set up (for 2 different PHPBBs), and the one I set up last night - which was working fine for hours is now down.

Will wait an hour or so, but I find it interesting that one is fine and the other is down.


I just had both mine go down as well. I am on dinar…anyone else?

I have a database on stimpy that does not appear to be accessable right now.

Anyone else?

The mySQL slowness is getting irritating. Mine has been really slow for a couple weeks and I’ve only been a customer here for a few. :frowning:

Mine has been off and on for a few days. It was working fine until an hour ago. It wouldn’t load - then when it came back up it spit out junk code on a page for another half hour - now it’s not working again. I’m also on stimpy.

I just tried to install Wordpress 1.5 and Advanced Polls, created the databases, but both installations are telling me that they can’t access MySQL.

So, yeah, I’m having problems too.

Maybe the scripts can’t access the databases yet because it takes some time for a database to be set up?


Well database creation is pretty instantaneous. And plus it tells you when it’s done. And it told me. :slight_smile:

I wrote support about this, but they haven’t answered yet (after many hours!), so I’m slightly concerned.

Maybe that’s what I’ve got going wrong too… I’m new to DH. Installed MT once my site was set up. Kept getting a MySQL db error. Then, it started working. I figured somebody at DH fixed whatever the problem was. An hour later, it’s down again.


I’m also on Dinar, and my MySQL seems to be problematic as well. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.


Very frustrating…