Mysql :(

I’ve got nothing but trouble lately. Luck of the draw. Added a MYSQL database over 12 hours ago, still not active :confused: Anyone got the same prob?

Have added plenty before without a prob!

At this moment the MySQL servers I use seem to be down :frowning:

Now they are down AGAIN!


yeah johnny5 server is down right now :frowning:

It’s now 9:38 am EST and MYSQL is also down on johnny5 - Auction off your web site real estate.

Oy, they’re STILL down! This is maddening. Why all the problems with MySQL lately?

There was an announcement about Johnny5 this morning, that said:

One of our shared MySQL servers, Johnny5, is experiencing extreme
stability issues. It crashed earlier this morning and had to be manually
started up again. It is back up now but is still exhibiting intermittent
problems. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes you and will be
replacing the hardware as soon as possible this (Monday, February 10)

Happy DreamHost MySQL Up-All-Night Team![/quote]

Yes, I saw the announcement, but the bit about it being “back up now but is still exhibiting intermittent problems” is a bit misleading! As far as I can tell, Johnny5 never went back up. I’ve been checking my site every 5 minutes or so all morning, and have yet to catch it at a moment when the server is functioning.

I know the support request I put in won’t make any difference because there’s already been an announcement, but if anyone from the Dreamhost team is reading this, we would love to have some kind of estimate as to when our sites will be functional again.

yup…still down for me, too. this is really frustrating.

Johnny5 appears to be back up and running, and I’ve received another apology email from Dreamhost.