MySQL with no privleges

Hello. I have just created a new database with easy to remember passwords. The hostname used to reach the database has already propegated, so I am able to use PHPmyAdmin to configure it. I have added two tables, “student” and “faculty” with the appropriate structures. (name, homeroom etc.)

I have already set up a user for this database, but in my PHP script, I am unable to add to the database tables. I get the error:

INSERT command denied to user ‘parking_permit’@‘’ for table ‘student’

However, in the control panel, the user “parking_permit” has every privilege checked off with no exceptions. This is all vanilla, but I can’t seem to insert any rows. What is the problem?

i had the same problem, then i discovered that I was not addressing the correct database.

ie: insert into databaseA.table1 set blah=?
and i was getting that same error.

the problem was not that my user didnt have permissions to table1
it was that my database wasnt called databaseA, it was databaseB

make sure that you declare your database.table and that you have the correct database named.