MySQL web access


I created a MySQL DB last night at 11PM GMT, and I still can’t access it via the web, although I have access via the shell. I thought it might be DNS, but after the best part of 18 hours I would have expected access by now.

Anyone got any ideas?


Are you going to your main domain or the subdomain that the MySQL uses?


I’m going to the sub domain that the MySQL uses. I was just following the link from the control panel.


Normally it would have been added by now. I suspect the delay may be realted to the DNS issues DH is suffering from. It’s possible that suport would be able to help push through the new DNS entry.



Thanks for your help… I thought as much. I’ll give it a bit longer as I’m in no real rush, and then give them a yell if I still have no luck.


Ok, so I left it 24 hours before I sent a support message. After 24 hours I thought it would have pleanty of time for the DNS to propergate.

The support message has now been in for 12 - 14 hours (i’ve lost track), and still no response, and still no web access to the MySQL DB. Worse still, I now can’t even get into my web control panel.

What’s going on DH!!!


I’ve had this happen to me as well. But you can still get to the phpMyAdmin. The link would be something like this:

so for one of mine it is:


You are a genius my friend! :smiley:

Thanks very much for the advise!