MySQL VPS is not accessible

Our MySQL VPS has suddenly become inaccessible. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? At least two of our business critical sites are currently down because of this.

The data center/phpmyadmin is east1 ( – it seems like any link to there is not working for me currently.

Our sites have started to work again, though I still can’t access the DB via the datacenter’s phpmyadmin. I was able to grab a backup via mysqldump though fortunately so I can switch to a different database provider if I really need to.

Also, no reply to the ticket I posted to support about an hour ago, pretty disappointed that this kind of thing can happen without a swift response. When I first signed up with DH 13 years ago, support was a lot faster.

phpmyadmin is working again. Nothing from support, no change on our side. Very frustrating.

Same for me! 2 business website that are both heavily used are down since this morning! No respons from Dreamhost at all. They just run an update, apparently fail and then go to bed. What a mess…

Our MySQL VPS is still down as well, submitted a ticket an hour ago, no response yet. This is in the US - East datacenter.

lots of random dreamhost domains are down now as well. is down, is down and throwing this error: “There was a problem with your request. Please try again. If this persists, please contact DreamHost Support with your Error ID: 0f4e6e9222034edbbe17565182ba0b18.”…

What the hell is going on over there dreamhost?

Yes. I think they are facing some issues. All my websites hosted in their VPS is down due to database connection error. look at

    I have created a support ticket one hour back, but still no response. This downtime is seriously affecting my clients & my business. I think they need to think seriously about providing live chat support. Hope the problem will be resolved asap.

They said they had to restart a server. I also noticed that there was some “planned” maintenance in West yesterday:

I’ve asked for an RFO. We’ll see what they say.

Now the MySQL server is running. My websites started to work. Hope it wont happen again

You know, I also just checked my support history and their respond time actually isn’t any worse than it was when I first signed up. I guess the difference now is that I’m using the service for more serious work than I was a decade+ ago.

For the amount of money I pay they honestly do a pretty good job and provide a good value. Considering signing up for Dedicated server so I can have resources in multiple zones, but the cost is quite a bit higher. Asked them if there’s an option for replicating a MySQL VPS, but as far as I know you can only have one.

Yes. Me too cannot afford this much down time issues. But first time I am facing this type of issue from dreamhost from my last 2 years experience. I was realizing the importance of a live chat support that on that down time.

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