MySQL VPS - How Much Do I Need?

Okay, so it turns out I don’t need nearly as much RAM as I expected on my site’s VPS, so I’m looking at using some of the extra funds on a MySQL VPS instead, as my site’s main demand is a forum, so fairly database dependent.

Anyway, I have no idea what to expect from a MySQL VPS however, so I’m curious to know if anyone has any advice on how I should estimate what I would need? I believe you get a week long free trial for a MySQL VPS just like a regular one, but I’d like to have as much information going in as I don’t really want to do the trial only to have to switch back if it doesn’t work out.

However, I have no idea how I would go about getting an idea for how much RAM my MySQL server would need. That is if I even “need” more RAM at all, or does more simply mean a faster database?

So ehm… yeah, I know plenty about how to use a MySQL database, but next to nothing about how to run the actual MySQL server (aside from installing and starting one), so any advice on estimating what resources I need will be much appreciated!

Thanks for the reply, but I know about the trial. I’m just hoping to get some more information in advance.

For example; my most active database is 1gb in size with InnoDB as the format for most tables. It’s for a phpBB forum with nearly 250,000 posts, 90,000 page-views, executing around 2 million conqueries a day.

I have SSH access to my host but don’t know how I can get an idea of my RAM requirements for MySQL (since it’s on a separate machine), but for my kind of use case would I need a lot of RAM? One advantage of the change would be that I could also use persistent MySQL queries, which ought to cut down a lot on any load from MySQL connections, but I’m not sure if that would save RAM.

If your site is currently running on shared MySQL, upgrading to a MySQL VPS with even the minimum size of 300 MB should speed things up pretty significantly. Try that and see how it works out — if it’s not enough, you can add more memory at any time.

I know you posed this question a long time ago, but I’m actually curious… did you move to a MySQL VPS? And how’d it work out for you? I’m running into the same questions you had… “do I even need a MySQL VPS? and if so, how big?”.


Yeah I did in the end; as Andrew F says, the minimum amount of RAM for MySQL has made a good amount of difference, especially after I converted my software to make proper use of persistent connections*

But yeah, I’ve never noticed a need to increase RAM on my MySQL VPS, I assume you’d only need to with a really demanding workload.

*Just want to note though that persistent connections do have a few pitfalls depending upon the software you use; anything PHP based should be fine as long as you use the MySQLi (note the i) module rather than the older one, as the newer module tidies itself up properly, preventing any instability with minimal work.