Mysql update issue!


Spoke with Brian the Support manager and was told you guys are moving all mysql DB’s that i currently use to an already upgraded sql server.

Was told this would only take a few hours, but it has been 15 hours since ALL my sites have been taken down.

I need help !


If you have a case open with the Support Department, then that is the best way to get results. These forums are more for customer to customer assistance.

Thanks bjk03, i do have tickets with support, thing is they tend to ignore the my ticket for some reason.

I am drowing here, and dreamhost is the cause.

I have no way of getting any support.

Hi nzaw4, sorry to hear that your sites are down: a DB migration shouldn’t take that long. While I check with my colleagues at DreamHost Support if they know anything, could you share some of the domain names that are having issues? Remember that people on this forums (me included) can’t guess what your problems are: you need to provide more details to explain what’s going on so that people can give you some useful suggestions.

I hope that your sites are working already, but if they’re not consider also sharing the support ticket you have received (starts with #7) and I’ll share that with Support to find out more details.