MySQL Troubles, please help me!

I can’t read my tables on two databases, i receive this error on every query:

[1033] Incorrect information in file: ‘./bajavision/notas.frm’
[1033] Incorrect information in file: ‘./bizztown_db/empresas.frm’

My domains are and I don’t know what’s happening, my other database’s domains are working well:, and

What’s wrong with my databases? Are your servers working well??? Did you change MySQL version or downgraded it???

P.S.- Sorry about my english, i’m Mexican.

This can be caused by using tables created with a different version of MySQL and exported, when imported to another version. Sometimes it can be avoided with output options during the export, and other times it has to do with the tables being of different types (ISAM, etc).

This post on the SitePoint forums might help..

Here is a thread with a repair suggestion from the PhpWebsite forums.

It could also be that your database is corrupted. If that is the case, DH support may be able to fix it, or you may want to try creating a new database, and re-importing the data.


Thanks a lot!!!

The database has been restored with a 4 days backup, I still don’t know what caused that error, maybe a power error yesterday?

I haven’t touch that databases, nobody has the password, and I think it was caused by a hardware error.

It certainly could have been a hardware error; at any rate, I’m glad to hear it is now fixed. :slight_smile: