MySQL trouble help



So, I had a MySQL database working this morning had Wordpress installed but lost the password. I deleted the database and created a new one about 20-25 minutes ago with the exact same host/user/name/pass details so I wouldn’t have to change my wp-config file. It still isn’t working. Any ideas besides wait a little longer (unless I really do need to but it said 5-10 minutes)


See if you can access the database by the hostname ( If it asks you for your name and password, it should be okay and ready to use. If it doesn’t come up yet, you’ll just have to wait it out.

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Yeah, that’s still not up. Why does everything take so long to happen here?


I don’t know why it says it will take 5-10 minutes for the database to be up and working. That has NEVER been the case for me and I’ve made a few of them on the domains that I host here. It takes at least 45 minutes to an hour most of the time.

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I have installed a few boards and CMSs last days using “one-click” install and everytime the DBs were up in less than 5 min even during the day! They are not reachable through phpMyAdmin though, that usually takes around 24h.

I read a sugestion from someone here on the boards and found it very usefull: for each domain you host here, create a few DBs as standby, like that when you need one, you will be working full power in no time. :wink:

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