MySQL ?: Transferring database from one host to DH

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I am moving a new domain to DH and it has a MySQL database which I have installed phpMyAdmin to monitor and allow me to export as gzip files. I am wondering if someone might have some guidance about getting it installed on DH once I have the gzip files. I am assuming I can unzip them and not have to rebuild the tables, but not sure how. I do figure I am going to have to work via telnet as I haven’t changed the DNS because need the database up before making the site live at DH–at least hoped to.

Well, hopefully this rambling makes sense and I would be very grateful for any words of wisdom!

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Assuming that the gzip file actually contains an. sql file, you would need to decompress the .sql file and then have mysql execute the statements in the .sql file:

gzip -d database.sql.gz mysql --database=name --host=hostname --user=username --password=password < database.sql


Working like a charm. Won’t know if everything is working until the DNS propagates. Then I am sure I will have some work, but this was a big chunk of worry that you alleviated. Now too make sure all the cgi is working when the website comes live.

Thanks again for the help,

Hi deb -

It may be too late now, but you might want to consider creating a ‘’ type sub-domain for testing. That way - assuming you’ve used relative links - you can test it out prior to DNS propagation.

In any case, good luck. :>

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